Monster Hunter Review : Milla Jovovich & Tony Jaa in lead Roles .

Monster Hunter is a 2021 science fantasy action film produced ,written and directed by Paul W.S.Anderson , based on the video game series of the same name by Capcom .

The Film Stars Paul W.S Anderson's wife Milla Jovovich in their 5th time working together as director and main actress , Tony Jaa , T.I Harris , Meagon Good , Diego Boneta , Josh Helman , Jin Auyeung , Ron Periman , Hirona Yamazaki ,Nanda Costa and Aaron Beeiner .

In the New World where humans co- exist with a wide variety of large and savage monsters , a hunter, a warrior trained to hunt and kill these powerful creatures is seperated from his team when ship is attacked. 

Milla Jovovich as Captain Natalie Artemis a US Army Ranger member of a a united Nations military team .
Tony Jaa as The Hunter , one of many skilled warriors that fight giant monsters .

As a long time fan of cinema and the Monster hunter franchise it pains me to see how the gutted the creatures and story. 

Rating : 3/5 
saleem p.chacko .

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