Worldwide release date of "Ottu " has been Postponed from September 2 .

We are extremely sorry to inform you that the worldwide release date of Ottu has been postponed from September 2.  We had to take this decision due to some unforeseen circumstances regarding our Tamil release. Meanwhile Malayalam censor is done and we have been certified U/A 😊.  Since it is a bilingual movie, have to release this movie on the same date. 

This has been a long journey and we as a team, have given our blood and sweat to this project. It is made on a huge scale ,keeping the audience across India in mind and hence, we are leaving no stone unturned for its release.  We hope to ENTERTAIN you guys soon on the same day, Worldwide!..Need your support and blessings..😊..

Stay tuned for the announcement of our new release date!

Fellini T.P

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