" Risknamaa " March 15 Release.

Sher Sigh Gurjar is the sarpanch of his village.whose same order for all , that whoever loves , will get the death punishment only . In this way Sher Sigh Gurjar has killed so many boys and and girls, who loves each other ,but one day that Sarpanch also falls in love and the girl whom Sher Sigh Gurjar loves, that girl is the wife of her younger brother.

Written and Directed by Aarun Nagar . Music by Ashish Donald ,Dushant. Cinematography by K.M Sujith. Edited by Aarun Nagar.Produced by Kirti Gurjar , Priyanka Gurjar.

Garima Agarwal as Sarala Devi. Anupama as Mohini. Praveen Bansala as Kallu. Mahaveer Sigh Fauji as Mahaveer. Sachin Gurjar as Beersigh . Javed Haider as Titu. Shahbaz Khan as Dharam Pal. Pramod Moutho as Kaka. Aarun Nagar as Parvthi Singh. Khyati Sharma as Item girl. Ravi Sarma as Hariya . Ravi Verma as Jamalu.

saleem p .chacko 

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