Lakshmi Review _ Only for dance lovers.

Lakshmi ( Ditya Bhande )  is an aspiring dancer who wants to win the Indian Little Champs  title.Due to her family restrictions ,she is unable to fulfill her dream .This is the time , Vijaykrishna ( Prabhu Deva ) spots Lakshmi and helps her join dance academy in Chennai. One of the major plus points of the film are the the kids who performed at the dance show.They are amazing and it's an absolute treat perform some difficult dance movements with so much ease and flexibility. Especially ,Ditya ,who played the titular role is just  outstanding. Aishwarya Rajesh's performance as a responsible young mother is convincing .

The film stars Karunakaran ,Kovai Sarala , Salman Yusuff Khan ,Chaams ,Akshat Singh ,Jeet Das ,Sam Paul in the roles.  Written & Directed by A. L  Vijay ,  Music by Sam C. S , Cinematography by Nirav  Shah , Edited by Anthony .

Directer A.L Vijay ,who is widely known for his emotional dramas has come up with a regular dance _based film.On the whole Lakshmi is a typical dance _based film with some amazing dance moves from the little kids.Prabhu Deva and the little girl Ditya Bhande are show stealers. Lakshmi is worth a watch for all dance lovers .

Vijay has placed a lot of human values in the story and it's not preachy in nature. The parents can certainly take their kids to this film and return a tad more responsible and disciplined.

Rating _ 3 / 5 .               
Saleem P. Chacko .

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