Jackie Chan's Bleeding Steel Action Film.

Bleeding Steel - Chinese Science  Fiction cyberpunk action film directed and written by Leo Zhang.

Jackie Chan as Lin Dong ,Show Lo as Li Sen ,Quyang Nana as Nancy ,Tess Haubrich as Woman in Black, Callan Mulvey aട Andrew ,Erica Xia Hou as Xiao Susan ,Damien Garvey aട Rick Rogerട ,Kaitlyn Boye as Junkie Girl, David Torok as Man in Black ,  Scarlett Koehne as Uni Girl , Isabelle Wojciechowska as Popcorn Girl.

Written by - Leo Zhang ,Erica Xia Hou ,Siwei Cui . Music by - Fei Peng . Cinematography - Tony Cheung .Edited by - Kwong Chi leung.

Hong Kong police inspector Lin Dong learns that a           biochemical invention has been Surgically implanted into his missing daughter .With help from a hacker ,Lin tries to connect the dots between the device ,a Sinister army and a Strange  phenomenon .

Good Movie Comparing to those recent past Jackie Chan's  movies. 80%. of movie with CGl and Visual graphics with an Emotive bond between a father and a daughter , Sci - Fi - Story Core ,Comical Scenes Makes this Movie at least one time watchable . 

Rating - 3 / 5 .        
Saleem P. Chacko .

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