Avengers Infinity War Review .

The Film is everything you expected it to be yet , it is the most diverse Marvel movie yet.The film will hold your attention throughout it's runtime and will keep you on the edge of your set.

Avengers Infinity War is an american super hero film based on the marvel comics super hero team the avengers produced by marvel studios and distributed by walt disney studios motion pictures.

Directed by - Antony Russo , Joe Russo.  Produced by - Kevin Feige . Sreenplay by - Christopher Markus ,Stephen Mcfeely. Music by - Alan Silvestri ,Cinematography - Trent Opaloch .Editied by - Je ffrey Ford, Malthew Schmidt.

Robert Downey Jr  as Tony Stark / Ironman ,  Chris Hemsworth  as Thor , Mark Ruffalo as Brue Banner / Hulk , Chris Evans as Steve Rogers , Scarlett Johansson aട Natasha , Benedict Cumberbatch aട Stephen Strange ,Don Cheadle as James Rhodes ,Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider man ,Chadwick Boseman  aട Tchalla / Black Panther ,Paul Bettany aട Vision ,Elizabeth Olsen  as Wanda Maximoff ,Antony Mackie aട Sam Willson ,Sebastian Stan as Buclay Barnes ,Tom Hiddleston as Loki , Idris Oba aട Heimdall ,Benedict  Wong aട Wong ,Poe Kementioff as Nebula ,Dave Bautista aട Drax the Destroyer , Zoe Saldana as Gamora ,Vin Disel as Groot ,Bradley Cooper aട Rocket , Gwyneth Palthrow aട Pepper Potts,  Denicio Del Tora aട Taneleer Tivan , Josh Brolin as Thanos ,Chriss Pratt as Peter Quill / Starload .

Rating _ 4 /5.                  
Saleem P.Chacko.

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