Hridayam Review by Harisree .

Hridayam Review : 

3 hour long magic set by Vineeth Sreenivasan and the whole film crew. A light heartwarming musical romantic movie , where you could laugh out a lot for pure and situational jokes (dialogues) as these were becoming rare in mollywood . You could see all emotions , kinda go through that emotions . Was wondering where these 15 songs gonna fit but you won't even realise there's that much !!! And the music really did blend well . Each person on screen had their thing to do . 

Character development was nice . If you don't get it while watching thinking a bit would help to understand each person's changes . Felt like the movie is suitable for this era . There's only 1 or 2 elements which could've been...yeah.. This movie will fill your heart and mind . 

Not because of Dolby or 4D , but this is a theatrical experience. As a person who visits the cinemas pretty often ,bits hard to see this much audience immersion in a movie ( as a person who clapped , laughed and cried all alone while no one there accompanied me ). No wonder it's housefull and for the next show there's no space in compound to make way out . 

Also felt that the movie tries to say that nobody is perfect , no relation is 100% perfect . It's the heart relation which makes it worth . There will be times when we feel lost...lost everything , but that hard time is moulding 'you' . And at a point of time we will say '' thank you for making me who I am ."



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