Escape Plan 2 Movie Review _ Sylvester Stallon's flick is painful awful .

Escape Plan 2 is essentially a tired ,low ,_rent attempt to create a new franchise , albeit one now relegated to vod.The film ends with a setup for a third installment which would well benefit from a bigger budget and the return of original  directer Mikael Hagstrom.

Directer Stephen C.Miller is another Emmett /Furia mainstay ,and to me he's always been one of the better vod directors,as he can usually be depended on to crank out proficient movies under the gun, although the way they're shot gives them all a common style vibe , although they're always well assembled all things considered.

Sylvester Stallone as Ray Breslin ,Dave Bautista as Trent Derosa , Huang Xiaoming as Shu Ren ,Jaime King as Abigail Ross , Curtis 50 cent Jackson as Hush , Jesse Metcalfe as Luke Walken ,Wes Chatham as Jaspar  Kimbral ,Titus Welliver as Gregor Faust.

Produced by _ Robbie Brennar ,Mark Canton , Randall Emmett , George Furla ,Zack Schiller . Written by _ Miles Chapman . Music by _The Newton Brothers.Cinematography _Brandson Cox , Edited by _ Vincent Tabaillon.j

Ratings  2.5/5       
Saleem P. Chacko.

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