Lee Cronin 's " EVIL DEAD RISE " is scheduled to release on 21st April 21. Lilly Sullivan & Alyssa Sutherland in lead roles.

 " Mummy Loves you 💞 to Death".

"EVIL DEAD RISE" american supernatural film directed and. written by Lee Cronin.It is the fifth instalment of the EVIL DEAD RISE.

The film stars Lilly Sullivan,Alyssa ,Morgan Davies , Gabrielle Echols,Neil Fisher, Richard Crouchley, Mirabai Peace,Anna Maree Thomas,Jayden Daniels , Billy Reynolds and Tai Wano in lead roles.Bruce Campbell appears in a cameo role.

After a long journey on the road,Beth visits her older sister Ellie ,who is struggling to raise three children alone in a small Los Angeles apartment . However their union is interrupted when they find a strange book hidden in the depths of Ellie"s building, which unleashes horrid flesh possessing demons..... 

Cinematography by Dave Garbelt , Edited by Bryan Shaw , Music by Stephen Mckeown , Running Time 97 minutes.

The film 📽️ is scheduled to release on on April 21st.The film's 📽️ development was preceded by scrapped plan for sequels to  Evil Dead (2013), Army 🪖 of Darkness (1992), Ash vs Evil Dead (2019).

Saleem P. Chacko.

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