Adam Driver's "65" Movie Review.

Rating: 3.5 / 5.

saleem p.chacko

cpK desK.

"65" is American science fiction action film written and directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods.

It stars Adam Driver, Ariana Greenbalt,Chioe Coleman and Nika    King in lead roles.

Produced by: Sam Raimi, Deborah  Liebing,Zaianb Azizi, Scott Beck & ,Brayan Woods. Cinematography: Salvatore Totino , Edited by:Josh Schaeffer &Jane Tones.It is a Co_Production between Columbia Pictures,Bron Creative,Raimi Productions, and Beck/Woods.

Dating back 65 million years,65's is a science fiction about a plot and little girl,who find themselves stranded on Earth,Now they must do whate takes to survive in this unknown terrain that is infested with bloodthirsty prehistoric creatures and a fast approaching asteroid.

Adam Driver is a star.There's no doubt about it. A intriguing premise,and even if we have seen our share of dinos 65 still manges to bring out the fun in watching these pre historic monsters try to make meals out of people.

Movie concept is awesome, Outstanding direction and good background score.


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