Resident Evil : Welcome to Raccoun City - Release Date : 3rd December . Kaya Scodelario ,Hannah John Kamen in Iead roles.

Resident Evil : Welcome To Raccon City is a survival horror film written and directed by Johannes Roberts .It's Seventh in the Resident Evil film series and serves as a Reboot .

Kaya Scodelario ,Hannah John 
Kamen ,Robbie Amell ,Tom Hopper ,Avan Jogia ,Donal Longue ,Nel Mcdonough acted in lead roles. 

Once the booming home of pharmaceutical giant umbrella corporation , Raccoon City is now a dying mid western town .The company's exodus left the city a wasteland  .. with great evil 
brewing below the surface. When that evil iട unleashed ,the townspeople are forever ... changed ... and a small group of survivors must work  together to uncover the truth behind umbrella and make it through the night .

saleem p.chacko .
cpk desk.

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