" Expend4bles" brings the full throttle action and the usual great banter.

Director       :  Scott Waugh.

Genre           :  American Action Film 

Platform      :  Theatre.

Language    :   English 

Time             : 104 minutes. 

Rating          :  3.5 / 5 .      

Saleem P.Chacko.

cpK desK .

"Expend4bles" is an american action film directed by Scott Waugh from a screenplay by Kurt Wimmer ,Tad Daggerhart and Max Adams based on a story by Spenser, Cohen Winner and Daggerhart.


It is the sequel to The Expendables 3 (2014) and the fourth installment in the The Expendables film series.

The film stars Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone,Curtis "50 Cent Jakson, Megan Fox,Dolph Lundgren,Tony Jaa,Iko Uwais , Randy Courture ,Jacob Scorpio and Levy Tran in lead roles.

Cinematography by Tim Maurice Jones , Music by Guillaume Roussal.

The Expendables are assigned on a mission to stop a terrorist organisation headed by Suarto Rahmat from smuggling nuclear warheads that will ignite a conflict between Russia and the U.S.

Sylvester Stallone is the best action movie star of all time. Expend4bles is good movie.Satham actor acting and dailogue superb with Megan fox but Megan fox writter is so medium and twist is medium.

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