Today is really special and close to my heart : Shaji Kailas .

Today is really special and close to my heart. It's been a year since kaduva hit the screens. I don't know how to express my sincere gratitude to my dear brother Raju, the call I received to execute the movie, as well as the charismatic performance portrayed by him. I indeed extended my appreciation to the exceptional writer Jinu Abraham for the amazing script and the belief that he had on me  for the execution. I'm also extremely beholden to the producer, Listin for his remarkable production house and the eminent hospitality whilst the days of production. Let this day be a milestone of success to the cast and  crew accompanied in the movie. I wish each and everyone all the success for their upcoming ventures. With the blessings of the almighty let's reunite for more movies in the days ahead and capture the throne of success.

Shaji Kailas.

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