You Can't Run From Your Past..: Creed lll. The movie was so enjoyable.

Rating : 4 / 5
Saleem P. Chacko
cpK desK.

" CREED lll " is american sports drama film directed by Michael B. Jordan.

The film stars Michael B. Jordan,Tessa Thompson , Jonathan Majors , Wood Haris, Florian Munteanu , Phylicia Rashad and Mila Davis  Kent  in lead roles.

Cinematography by Kramer Morgen thau , Edited by Tyler Nelson & Jessica Baciesse , Music by Joseph Shirley , Running Time : 116 minutes.

Michael B. Jordan should be extremly proud of himself.This movie was awesome with the exception of top gun Maverick.The storyline was great and the backstory of Adonis And Dame was relatable.Movie was very well directed and better than Creed ll in my opinion.Best film so far 2023.

Absolutely loved this movie and made sure to push it in person to give to solid and great ratings as it is a beautiful movie.


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