" JohnWick: Chapter 4" Absolutely Amazing Movie . Keanu Reeves & Donnie Yen shines.

Rating:4.50 / 5.

Saleem P.Chacko

cpK desK.

" John Wick : Chapter 4" American neo -noir action thriller film directed by Chad Stahelaki and written by ShayHatten and Michael Finch.

The film stars Keanu Reeves, Donnie Yen ,Bill Skarsgard, Laurance Fish burme,Hiroyuki Sanada,Shamier Anderson,Lance Reddick,Rina Sawayama , Scott Adkins and Ian McShane in lead roles.

Produced by Chad Stahelaki,Basil Iwanyk & Erica Lee , Cinematography by Dan Laustsen , Edited by Nathan Orioff , Music by Tyler Bates & Joel J Richard, Running Time:151 minutes.


This chapter of John Wick was really amazing action packed compelling and star filled. The fighting scenes are still exciting,the combination of shooting scenes with Keanu Reeves martial aris is cool usual.

The Best Action Movie in Years, Effort they put in the movie was incredible. One of the best action films with some much detailed to action.combat ,gun singing and many more.

John Wick feels like a man who has supernatural powers.It was perfect everything down to the last minute. K eanu Reeves and Donnie Yen outside themselves.

This is brilliantly made action movie with a lot of great scenery and wonderfully choreographed action scenes that just gives you suspence and excitement.

If you love action movies then this is for you.

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