Best Tom Cruise Movie " TOP GUN: MAVERICK.

" Top Gun : Maverick "  is a american action drama film directed by Joseph Kosinki .

The film stars Tom Cruise as Caption Pete " Maverick " Mitchell ,a test pilot alongside Miles Teller ,Jennifer Connelly ,Jon Hamm, Glen Powell ,Lewis Pullman, Ed Harris ,Val Kilmer ,Monica Barbaro ,Charles Pamell ,Jay Ellis ,Danny Ramirez ,Greg Tarzon Davis ,Manny Jacinto ,Bashir Salahudin ,Jake Picking ,Raymond Lee ,Lyliana Wray ,Jean Louisa Kelly ,Bob Stephenson and Chelesa Harris .

It was written by Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer and Christopher Mcquarrine . 
Cinematography : Claudio Hamilton ,Music by : Lady Gaga, Harold Faltermeyer, Hans 
Zimmer ,Lorne Balfe .Edited by : Eddie Hamiltion.

Tom Cruise's charms and the spectacular aerial action still take your breath away .The Best blockbuster since Mission Impossible Fallout.

Excellent movie ,lots of action good punch line as always with Tom Cruise .This is a must watch and is to totally a true american movie .

Easily the best movie of the year, great story ,eftects and acting performances turned in by all.

Tom Cruise was outstanding and loved that Ice man had a role .

Rating : 4 / 5.
saleem p.chacko.
cpK desK .

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