Michael Bay's "Ambulance" Amazing Movie.

" Ambulance "  is  american action thriller film directed and produced by Michael Bay .

The film stars Jake Gyllehaai, Yahya Abdul Mateen ,Eiza Gonzalez , Garret Dillahunt ,A Martinez , Keir Odonnell ,Moses Ingram ,Wale Folarin ,Cedric Sanders ,Jackson  White ,Colin Stamboulliah , Jesse Garcia, Victor Gojaj ,Remi Adeleke, Devan Chandler , Sheila Houlahan, Devan long and Chelsea Harris in lead roles .

William Sharp ( Yahya Abdul Mateean II ) is a war veteran who desperately need money for his wife's surgency .He reaches Danny Sharp ( Jake Gyllenhaal) his adoptive brother and a life long crimaal ,who talks him into taking part in million bank heist. The robbery goes wrong when they shoot an Lapo officier .The pair are soon on the run in an ambulance with an EMT and the dying officier is their hostages. 

Apart from all the fun action sequences ,we have a preditable story of bank robbers .There  are many thrilling moments in the 2hr16minutes runtime , with police vehicles and helicopters chaing the ambulance ,along with gun battles and ambushes .

The film Crime, Drama, Mystery Thriller. On the performance front the actors deliver their parts earnestly. 

Rating :3.5 /5.
Saleem P. Chacko .
cpK desK.

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