Vishnu Vishal's " Faizal Ibrahim Raiz " Excellent Movie .

" FlR " is  Tamil language action thriller film written and directed by Manu Anand produced by Shubhra and Aryan Ramesh under the banner of V V StudioZ.

The film features Vishnu Vishal
 ( Irfan Ahmed / Faizal Ibrahim Raiz),  Gautham Vasudev Menon ( Ajay Dewan )  ,Manjima Mohan (Prathana)  ,Reba Monica John ( Archana)  ,Raiza Wilson ( Anisha Qureshi) , Mala Parvathi ( Praveena Begum) ,Gaurav Narayanan ( Suraj), Abishek Joseph George ( Riyas ) ,and 
Jayaditya Kang ( Ajay Dewan's Son)  in lead roles. 

Cinematography Arul Vincent, Edited by Prasanna GK ,Music by Ashwath, Distributed by Red Gaint Movies .

The First part shows how an 
innocent is getting framed and arrested by police for an terroist attack .The second part shows  how is he coming out of the issue and finding out the real culprit and how the terrorist attacks were stopped. 

It's one of the masterpiece of Vishnu Vishal .Excellent movie with fantastic twists and turns.

Rating : 3.5 / 5.
Saleem P. Chacko .
cpK desK .

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