Tinu Pappachan's Ajagajantharam is scheduled to release on 23rd December .

Ajagajantharam is  an up coming malayalan action film is 
scheduled to release on 23rd December .

The film directed by Tinu Pappachan and written by Kichu Tellus and Vineeth Vishwam .

The film stars Antony Varghese ( Lali ) , Chemban Vinod Jose ( Aliyan ) ,Sabumon Abdusamad ( Kachamber Das ) ,Arjun Ashokan ( Kannan ) ,Tito Wilson ( Kottapuram Surendran ) ,Bitto Davis ( Hari ) ,Vijilesh Karayad ( Eden ) ,Sree Ranjini ( Meera ), Kichu Tellus ( Abi) , Nadakkal Unnnikrishnan ( Elephant - Neysseri Parthan ), Lukuman Avaran ,Vineeth Visham ,Jaffar Idukki , Sudi Koppa ,Sinoj Varghese in lead roles. 

Cinematography : Jinto George, Edited by : Shameer Muhammed, Music by : Juslin Varghese, Production Company : Silver Bay Studios, Distributed by : Central Pictures .Running Time : 122 Minutes .

Village of Aranjali is all set to Celebrate the annual temple festival but some unforeseen chain of events brings complete mayhem .Will they deal with it before the festival ? 

Saleem P. Chacko 
cpk desk .

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