Gayathri Suresh in Pan Indian Movie : Six languages posters has unveiled .

Gayathri Suresh in Pan Indian Movie; Six languages posters has unveiled 

Gayathri suresh's new pan indian movie posters has unveiled in six languages.

The movie escape which prioritizes the female character Gayathri Suresh and Srividya Mullacheri. Sarshick Roshan has penned the script and directed the the pan indan movie. The film is produced by SR Big Screen Entertainment. The movie will be released in five languages sach as Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada 
In a night a psycho killer unexpectedly arriving at the house wearing a mask, the plot of the escape is the subsequent events happening in the night. Escape will be the first psycho-survival thriller in south movies. 

The film stars Arun Kumar and Santosh Keezhatoor in other important roles and Shaju Sridhar, Nandan Unni, Rama Devi, Vinod Kovur, Balan Parakkal, Dinesh Panicker, Ramesh Valiyasala, Sudhi Kollam and Kollam Shafi staring in the movie. Bollywood cinematographer Sajeesh Raj is the cinematographer of this challenging film.
The film will be released under the banner of SR Big Screen Entertainment, Project Designer Nibin Navas, Associate Director Aleena Sreeragam, Production Controller Suresh Atholi, Art Director Simon Wayanad and
PRO Pratheesh Sekhar.

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