Jayasurya in " Sunny " Teaser Out Now . " Sunny " on Prime Video September 23 .

20 years in Cinema, 
20 years in an industry I proudly call mine
20 years of working with the best directors, producers, actors and technicians
20 years of growth 
20 years of being humbled by all of your love and support. 
Thank you. 

In these 20 beautiful years, 
I have been nothing short of blessed. 
Blessed with a 100 movies
100 characters very very dear to me
100 stories
Innumerable 'start camera actions'
Innumerable 'cuts'
And an abundance of all things beautiful. 

At the start of this beautiful journey, never did I ever imagine I would be here announcing my 100th movie, Sunny. 
Sunny, like every other character of mine is special but I can confidently say that it has a slightly more special place in my heart because of how unique the concept is.
I am very happy to announce that Sunny will be all yours on September 23rd, with Amazon Prime doing a world wide release in 240 countries.

Jayasurya .

Sunny teaser out now:

Meet #SunnyOnPrime Sept 23, @PrimeVideoIN
@ranjithsankar.dnb @madhu.neelakandan.1 @dreamsnbeyondproductions

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