25th Year of Director Raffi .

Raffi ( Mohammed Raffi) 

Spouse - Feseena. 
Children - Mubin M Raffi, Sidan M Raffi, Shiyan M Raffi. 
Latest Movies - Professor Dinkan (3D) Role Models (2017) as Director,
Writer and actor. 

Two countries (2015) as writer and actor. Ring master (2014) as director, writer and actor. 

Worked with Siddique Lal as an assistant director From 1990 to 1994 With Meccartin Known as "Rafi-mecartin" , written 20 screenplays and directed 9 movies. Raffi and Meccartin worked together 20 years from 1992 and separated in 2012. 

After that, Raffi penned for four movies (Ring master, Two countries, Role models, Professor Dinkan) Directed two movies (Ring Master and Role Models) .

Acted in several movies ( Two countries, Ring mater, Thobama, Vikadakumaran, Sherlok tomes, Role models, shajahanum pareekuttiyum )

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