" Commando 3 " Movie Review .

The third film in the Commando series that launched Vidyut Jammwal's career, Commando 3 has been directed by Aditya Dutt.

A terrorist's message begins to spread amongst the youth, brainwashing them and getting them prepared to commit a deadly coordinated attack to avenge the mistreatment of Muslims in India. With a few leads to follow and the festival season approaching, Karan (Vidyut Jammwal) is called into action. He heads to London with Bhavana Reddy (Adah Sharma) where he works with Mallika (Angira Dhar) and Armaan (Sumeet Thakur) from British Intelligence to find the man responsible for the upcoming attacks and stop it before it happens .

In this film, Karanveer Singh Dogra is no longer the 'One Man Army' of his debut film but has a team working with him. While Jammwal's action scenes are power-packed in Commando 3, his two female co-stars Adah Sharma and Angira Dhar also get their own combat sequences. 

The film dialogues aren't quite realistic, but they are convincingly pulled off by the actors and fit in with the rest of the movie.

Rating : 3. 5 / 5 .


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