Amala Paul's " Aadai " One of the bravest attempts in Tamil Movie.

"Aadai " ( Dress) is an Indian Tamil-language thriller film written and directed by Rathna Kumar, who earlier directed Meyaadha Maan and produced by Viji Subramaniyan under the production banner V Studios.

The film's soundtrack is composed by Pradeep Kumar who earlier composed two songs for director's previous film, alongside the Oorka band of Thedadhey fame who are making debut as a music director on this film. 

The film stars Amala Paul in lead role. Amala Paul as Kamini
Ramya Subramanian as Jennifer.
Adiraj ,and Vivek Prasanna.

Music by : PradeepKumar ,Oorka (band ). Cinematography : Vijay Kathik Kannan , Edited by : Shafique Mohammed Ali. Running Time: 144 Minutes.

 One of the most anticipated movie " Aadai " is undeniably a shocker at various proportions. The film belongs unquestionably to Amala Paul who plays Kamini and she is entirely convincing. She is not the stereotype heroine of Tamil cinema.

The film opens up with a story of how women from tribal communities fought to get the freedom to cover their breasts. The entire episode is explained through animation. Director Rathnakumar wanted to educate us that women during those days actually paid tax to cover their breast. Cut to the present, we get to see the audacious Kamini (Amala) who is a TV anchor,rebel, loves to bet, race and have fun with friends.

Kamini runs a prank show on TV channel with her bunch of friends and it is quite successful. Kamini knows what she wants… or thinks she does anyway. she doesn't really bother about anyone and prefers to travel in her own path. On her birthday, her conservative mom (Sri Ranjini) tells her that its her longtime to wish to see Kamini dressed traditional in a  saree, reading news on the channel.  

When her own colleagues say that she cannot pull off news-reading, which is serious business and not like a prank show, she decides to prove them wrong. Yes, Kamini locks her dear friend Jenny (Ramya) the star newsreader of the channel in a restroom and replaces her to read the day's news. Kamini and her close friends decide to party in a vacant office space and celebrate her birthday. All the six friends get drunk and smoke up  till they start getting hallucinations. 

The next day morning, Kamini wakes up nude in the huge office building with not even a newspaper to cover herself! All her friends have gone missing. Who did this to Kamini? Her one-sided lover? Jenny? or a stranger? Watch the film to know more...

Amala Paul, gives us a flesh and blood, complex woman of today who feels instantly real. 

Was there any need to  openly criticize a powerful name in Tamil cinema whose name was all over the internet for #MeToo allegations? Ramya as Jenny is good and she is apt in the role, but why was she missing in the second half?

This is a film where virtually every technical department seamlessly delivers.Vijay Karthik Kannan must be appreciated for showcasing his heroine with utmost dignity. Pradeep Kumar's background score lifts the film.

Overall, " Aadai" is definitely one of the bravest attempts in Tamil cinema. It talks about how women should rightfully use hard-earned freedom.

Rating : 4 / 5.
saleem p.chacko.

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