KABIR SINGH Movie Review " True Love Never Dies " .

KABIR SINGH  is a Indian Hindi language drama film written and directed by Sandeep Vanga. It is a remake of his own Telugu film Arjun Reddy ( 2017) . Jointly produced by Cine 1 Studios and T-series, the film Stars Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani .

It  focuses on the title character ,an alcoholic surgeon who goes on a self - destructive path after marriage of his girlfriend .The film focuses on his downfall and subsequent resurgence .

Shahid Kapoor as Kabir Rajdheer Sigh , Kiara Advani as Preeti , Arjan Bajwa as Kabir's brother, Suresh Oberoi as Kabir's father , Nikita Dutta as an actress , Soham Majumdar as Shiva , Amit Sharma as Amit , Kunal Thakur as Kamai ,Anusha Sampath as Keerti , Swati Seith as Vidya , Aanchal Chauhan as Kabir's sister -in -law. 

Story by Sandeep Vanga , Music by Mithoon , Amaal Malik , Vishal Mishra , Sachet -Parampara, Akhil Sachdeva . Back Ground Score Hardhavardhan , Rameshwar. Cinematography Santana Krishnan ,  Ravichandran.Edited by Aarif Sheikh . Produced by Ashwin Varde , Bhushan Kumar , Krishnan Kumar . Distributed by AA Film's. 

Arun Reddy shows us vulnerability ,and that's the only he keeps us with them ; KABIR SINGH is all flourish , mostly surface . You see him going through the motions , but you never really feel for him .And that , right there, is the problem : not enough play off for three hours of pain.

Rating : 3 .5 / 5.
saleem p.chacko .

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