"Kuppathu Raja " : G.V Prakash Kumar's drama offers nothing new.

Kuppathu Raja set against the backdrop of a slum in Chennai, the movie is about the relationships between a few slum dwellers and how some anti _social elements create unrest in their lives .

The slum is dominated by a five _member gang , headed by M.G. Rajendran ( Parthiban ) ,a do _ gooder and a hardcore fan of MGR. The people there look up to him and he has the final say everything . Rocket ( G. V Prakashkumar ) , the son of Rajendran's aide (M.S Bhaskar) , with a devil may care attitude ,is in love with Kamala (Palak Lalwani) , another girl from the slum.When the couple dreams of a life together , Mary ( Poonam Bajwa ) ,a new resident to the slum , changes their lives . Meanwhile , serious of untoward incidents disrupt the peaceful lives in the slum.

The film doesn't offer anything new.The plot could have been developed in a more intriguing way with interesting action and suspense elements.

The Tamil action comedy drama film directed by Baba Bhaskar. The film features G. V Prakash Kumar , Pathiban ,Palak Lalwani , Poo nam Bajwa ,M.S.Bhaskar,Yogibabu , R.N. R Manohar ,Jangiri Madumitha , Aravind Akash ,and  Ajay Raj in the lead roles.

Produced by Saravanan M , Sirjaj .S . Music by G.V Prakash Kumar . Cinematography Mahesh Muthu Swami, Edited by Praveen K.L , Production Company S.Focus .

The stunt sequences have been done well, especially the one after Rocket seizes the wrong auto. It is also G. V Prakash Kumar has evolved to become a better acror , pulling off stunts and dances effortlessly.

Rating : 3 / 5 .
saleem p.chacko.

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