" ROBIN HOOD " Review .

Robin Hood is a 2018 American action _adventure film directed by Otto Bathurst and written by Ben Chandler and David James Kelly , from a story by Chandler. It is based on the tale of Robin Hood ,and follows his training by John to steal from the Sheriff of Nottingham .

Robin Hood , which claims to be the lesser_known story about the good _hearted robber in its very first scene ,is an over _dramatic and mostly a drab version of the same old we have hearing over the years. 

Actually, Robin Hood is no different than films like Bloodsport ,never back down or any other combat movie.Then there are obnoxious dialogues about the church and how priests plan to use it for power and greed. 

 Taron Egerton as Robin of Loxiey , Jasmine Foxx as John , Ben Mendelssohn as Sheriff of Nottingham ,Eve Hewson as Marian , Tim Minchin as Friar Truck , Jamie Dornan as will Scarlett, F.Murray Abraham as The Cardinal ,Paul Anderson as Guy of Gisborne ,Josh Herdman as Righteous , Cornelius Booth as Lord Permbroke ,Bjom Bengtsson as Tydon.

Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson . Music by Joseph Trapanese , Cinematography George Steal , Edited by Joe Hutshing , Chris Banwell .

The story of Robin Hood is one well know that's been retold in many forms over the years. Robin Hood ,succumbs to marvel/ dc syndrome , presumptuously setting up a sequel that it's hard to imagine anyone demanding.

Rating : 3 / 5.

saleem p. chacko.

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