Nayanthara's Imaikkaa Nodigal Unpredictable Twists.

After debuting with a successful horror outing Demonte Colony , director Ajay Gnanamuthu returns with a psycho _thriller Imaikkaa Nodigal , produced by Cameo Films .The film has Nayanthara , Atharvaa , Raashi Khanna , Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap , Ramesh Thilak ,Manasvi ,Devan ,Uday Mahesh in the lead roles with Vijay Sethupathi in a supporting cameo.

Imaikkaa Nodigal is short , is a game of eggo .It is all about the cat and mouse game between Angali ( Nayanthara ) ,her brother Arjun (Atharvaa ) and a psychotic villain played by Anurag Kashyap . Though , the basic plot doesn't end there .

A CBI officer goes in search of a ruthless serial killer . Things get worse when the murderer tergets the former and her family. The killer's case becomes a sensational one in the city. In a press meet organized by a few top CBI officials , he himself sends messages to them and the journos that he is Rundra , the notorious killer , who the police department claimed to have killed five years ago.

Music by Hiphoop Tamizha , Cinematography R D.Rajasekhar , Edited by Bhuvan Srinivasan , Produced by C.J Jayakumar , Story by R . Ajay Gnanamuthu , Screenplay by Pattukkottai Prabhakar.

Overall , ignoring intricate logical details and some functional romantic scenes and predictability , imaikkaa Nodigal could work for the impressive performances and well _made sequences.

Rating _ 3.5 / 5 .            
Saleem P. Chacko.

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