Mission: Impossible _ Fallout Review.

An Impossible Mission        Force  goes wrong ,so that Ethan  Hunt  (Tom Cruise) and his team must protect the world from a fresh nuclear threat .But with the CIA'S Agent Walker (Henry Cavill) sent to keep an eye on him , Ethan will face an uphill battle to show that he can still save the day.

If the first hour seems a little slow , that's only in comparison to a virtually flawless finale.

Mission : Impossible_Fallout is an American action spy film written,co_produced and directed by Christopher McQuarrie,who becomes the first person to direct more than one film in the franchise  It is the sixth installment in the mission: Impossible film series.

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt , Henry Cavill as August Walker ,Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell, Simon Pegg as Benjamin, Rebecca Ferguson as IIsa Faust , Sean Harris as Solomon Lane, Angela Bassett as Erica Sloan , Michael Monaghan as Julia Meade Hunt ,Alec Baldwin as IMF Secretary Alan Hunley , Vanessa Kirby as White Window .

Produced by .Tom Cruise ,J.J Abrams , Christopher McQuarrie ,Jake Myers . Written by.. Christopher McQuarrie . Music by .. Lorne Balfe . Cinematography ..Rob Hardy . Edited by .. Eddie Hamilton.Dirstributed by.. Paramount pictures .

Rating :  4 /5 .                 
Saleem P. Chacko.

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