Dwayne Johnson's Skyscraper Review.

Will Sawyer is a U.S vet and formal federal agent.In fact ,he was the much _respected leader of an FBI Hostage Rescue Team until one lifesaving attempt went terrible wrong and Will lost the majority of his left leg.

More than once , will mentions that his nearly fatal misfortune as an FBI agent led to the best possible outcome in his life.his family ,he also repeatedly  tells his wife and kids how much he loves them.They respond in kind ,not surprisingly , Will and Sarah put everything on the line to keep their kids and each other live.

Skyscraper is a CGI _infused hodgepodge of derivatives bits from more memorable disaster thrillers , from the Towering Infernno to , well ,every Die Hard move evermade.

Produced by.. Beau Flynn. Dwayne Johnson ,Hiram   Garcia , Written by .. Rawson Marshall Thurber . Music by.. Steve Jablonsky . Cinematography .. Robert Elswit . Edited by .. Michael Sale.

Rating   _ 3 / 5
Saleem P.Chacko.

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